Corporate Café Management

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Caterez understands the importance of retaining your own staff on site throughout the day to ensure minimised disruption with maximum output from all employees.

Our planning, experience and management of corporate cafes can ensure that your staff won’t have to leave site to experience great food and beverage services by providing café service which exceeds their own expectations.

Why are we different?

Caterez studies each site and specific site demographics to design tailor-made menus for café service to completely satisfy the specific needs and budget of your own workforce.  We also incorporate strategies to deliver more value and variety to the distinctly different groups within our customer base.

Caterez guarantees to provide full service onsite café services which offer all the convenience, variety and special touches to ensure all the needs of your employees are more efficiently managed.

Our café service offers levels of menu and pricing elements which will guarantee that all your employees and visitors will feel more valued and rewarded by experiencing the Caterez Café management concepts

The systems Caterez has developed which will assist in your own staff retention on site include:

The Caterez Cashless system – provides an easy, transparent and fast option for all café services

  • The Caterez Food Safety System – ensures all our own practices for dealing with food are compliant and efficient
  • The Caterez Staff Training Program – provides continued solutions for front line and kitchen staff issues to ensure our own service levels always match our high standards.
  • It takes a high level of market savvy and management skill to deliver the variety of food choices your employees actually want – and at the same time keeping a sharp eye on costs.  Caterez can deliver this across all levels

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