Our Philosophy

Our passion – it’s real and is almost visible! This is our point of difference and is why we lead.  Our passion promotes innovation and creativity in all aspects of our business.

The Team – our people are talented, experienced and professional with real creativity and passion.  They are part of our family and are people with whom we have a lifetime association.

Our Communication – We are easy to talk to and fun to deal with on all levels.  We engage in open, honest, constructive and two way communication between our team, clients and suppliers.

Innovation – our ability to innovate across all sectors ensures our success in a highly competitive marketplace – we welcome change in all facets of our business

Commitment – winning is our stated objective.   It is also our state of mind and defines our commitment to succeed.

Compliance – our total compliance with our approved food safety and OH&S programs ensures that Caterez is and always will be a viable partner to all our corporate clients – our own business depends on it!

Reputation – this defines Caterez.   We have a great reputation for getting the job done and building on our solid reputation is an integral part of our business strategy.