As part of the food and beverage community, Caterez takes its environmental responsibilities very seriously.  We have opted to take part in the following programmes:


Coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world after oil.  The high demand and huge volume for the coffee bean can leave a large and damaging social and environmental footprint.

Caterez sources coffee from bodies such as Rainforest Alliance, Fairtrade and organic groups which certify coffee beans that meet the criteria for environmental or social sustainability.

Bio-degradable Packaging

Caterez can supply all disposable products in a bio-degradable packaging range.  This ensures our disposable wares are not harmful to the environment.

Participation in Composting and Recycling Programmes

Our participation and compliance with all recycling and composting programmes is part of our own Food and Safety policy and is an important factor in all of our commercial kitchens.

Organic Suppliers

Caterez believes that the health and environmental benefits of organic farming which prohibits the use of pesticides and pharmaceuticals (antibiotics) will ensure the sustainability of the land over the long term and will eliminate the presence of synthetic chemicals in food.

Caterez sources fresh, locally-sourced produce from organic suppliers.


Our food safety systems and OH&S programmes are an integral part of our company and these systems ensure that all our creative and innovative ideas actually get off the ground and succeed.

Caterez is audited annually on our compliance by two of Australia’s largest companies and our high level of compliance is an essential part of our own business and another reason for our own success.